Private Investigator In Camp Verde, Arizona

Lone Rock Investigations is your go-to partner for professional and discreet solutions when you need top-tier private investigator services in Camp Verde, Arizona. Our team is dedicated to delivering prompt and effective services of private investigators tailored to your needs, whether you require background checks, surveillance, or fraud investigations.

Private Investigator Services By Lone Rock Investigation

At Lone Rock Investigations, we offer a diverse range of private investigator services to meet various needs and scenarios in Camp Verde, Arizona. Our skilled investigators ensure that every case is managed with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Below are some of the essential services we provide:

Skip Searching in Camp Verde, Arizona

As a leading private investigator in Camp Verde, Arizona, Lone Rock Investigations excels in skip searching. This vital service helps locate individuals who are evading legal or financial responsibilities. Our team uses a combination of public records, databases, and social media to track down elusive individuals. Chris Hickman, our lead investigator with extensive law enforcement experience, ensures every search is thorough and precise. 

Missing Persons Services in Camp Verde, Arizona

Lone Rock Investigations handles cases of missing persons with urgency and sensitivity. Our investigators employ witness interviews and digital footprint analysis techniques to locate missing individuals. Led by Jane Doe, an expert in complex cases, our team provides families in Camp Verde with regular updates and comprehensive support. 

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations in Camp Verde, Arizona

Suspecting a partner of infidelity can be emotionally challenging. Lone Rock Investigations provides discreet and professional services to uncover the truth. Our investigators conduct thorough surveillance and background checks, gathering clear evidence. Using his extensive investigative experience, Chris Hickman ensures each case is meticulously handled, offering clients in Camp Verde definitive results. 

Background Checks in Camp Verde, Arizona

Our detailed and thorough background checks are crucial for vetting potential employees, business partners, or personal acquaintances. Our private investigators use advanced techniques and resources to gather comprehensive information, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. 

Surveillance in Camp Verde, Arizona

Surveillance plays a critical role in many investigations. Whether it’s a domestic or a child custody investigation, our team conducts surveillance professionally and carefully. Our Camp Verde, Arizona, surveillance operations provide clear and actionable insights.

Fraud Investigation in Camp Verde, Arizona

Fraud can have significant financial and personal impacts. Our fraud investigation services aim to uncover fraudulent activities and gather evidence to support legal proceedings. Our private investigators utilize sophisticated methods to identify and document fraudulent behavior.

Child Custody Investigation in Camp Verde, Arizona

Child custody cases need sensitive handling and precise information. Our private investigators are experienced in conducting child custody investigations to ensure the safety and well-being of children. We gather crucial evidence that can be pivotal in court, supporting your case and protecting your child’s interests.

Private Investigator Bug Sweep in Camp Verde, Arizona

Privacy and security are paramount. Our private investigator, bug sweep services, are designed to detect and eliminate unauthorized surveillance devices. We use advanced technology to ensure your conversations and activities remain confidential. 

Asset Search in Camp Verde, Arizona

Understanding the full extent of someone’s assets is vital in legal and financial matters. Our asset search services provide a detailed inventory of an individual’s assets, helping you uncover hidden properties, bank accounts, and other valuables.

Domestic Investigations in Camp Verde, Arizona

Domestic investigations require sensitivity and discretion. Whether you suspect infidelity or need to resolve a family matter, our domestic investigations are thorough and confidential, providing you with the truth you need. 

At Lone Rock Investigations, we are committed to providing top-notch private investigator services in Camp Verde, Arizona. Our team’s expertise and dedication ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism. 

Why Choose Lone Rock Investigations?

Despite being a new company, Lone Rock Investigations has swiftly built a solid reputation for knowledge and professionalism. Our team of private investigators, includes seasoned investigators with extensive experience in various fields, ensuring that every case is handled with the highest level of competence. Led by seasoned investigator Chris Hickman, a retired law enforcement officer with over 30 years of experience, brings a wealth of experience from various investigative backgrounds. Chris Hickman’s extensive law enforcement experience adds depth to our investigative capabilities, allowing us to deliver meticulous, outcome-focused services. Understanding the unique needs of our clients in this area, we strive to deliver services that exceed expectations. This ensures that each Camp Verde, Arizona, case is handled with the highest competence and care.


Lone Rock Investigations offers a comprehensive range of private investigator services in Camp Verde, Arizona. Our experienced team provides prompt, professional, and discreet services, from background checks to child custody and fraud investigations. Trust Lone Rock Investigations for all your private investigator needs in Camp Verde, Arizona. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.