Private Investigator Services in Cave Creek, AZ

Also Serving Great Falls, MT and Fountain Hill, AZ

Where do you turn when you need assistance with an investigation? What do you do if you’re worried that someone is stealing from you? What if you are suspicious that your significant other isn’t faithful to you? When you need help in these matters, your best bet is to rely on a private investigator. Lone Rock Investigations offers private investigation services in Helena, MT & Scottsdale, AZ and we pride ourselves on our efficient, discreet and cost-effective services.

Why Hire a Private Investigator?

Private investigators are utilized to seek information, collect evidence and document their findings in a manner that best fits the needs of their clients as well as possibly the courts. Private investigators perform numerous functions to meet those needs from conducting computer searches to conducting interviews to performing surveillance. Investigators are experts at gathering information and evidence and helping you discover the truth of situations. Lone Rock investigations approaches each investigation without judgment or pre-conceived notions and we focus on gathering information and evidence objectively without an agenda or desire to meet an agenda. An ethical investigator is merely a finder of facts and a collector of evidence. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, accountability and communication. Lone Rock Investigations can help you with include:

  • Background checks: Whether you want to check a business’s background, a potential employee’s history, or another person’s background for personal reasons, we will help you learn what you need to know.
  • Skip Searching; Lone Rock Investigations can help you locate individuals who may owe you money, are avoiding legal service or are trying to avoid you.
  • Locate Services; Lone Rock Investigations has re-united many relatives, friends and acquaintances with their locating services. 
  • Domestic investigations: These sensitive cases involve matters such as child and adult welfare and infidelity. Lone Rock Investigations is discreet and uses due diligence in collecting information for our clients. .
  • Legal case investigations: Whether you need help gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses or victims, need to know the legal and financial background of a person or need an expert witness, Lone Rock Investigations is the place to turn. 
  • Fraud: When money is involved, people will try to cheat the system to get more of it. Our investigators can help you build a case against scammers.

Whether you want to protect your assets, build a legal case, find someone, or learn the truth about your significant other’s actions, Lone Rock Investigations can help.

Why Trust Us?

Chris Hickman, our owner, is a retired Montana law enforcement officer with over 30 years of investigative experience. He knows how to maintain a neutral and unbiased approach to each investigation so that you get accurate information in a timely manner.

We guarantee privacy, professionalism, and punctuality with our investigations. Call us at (406) 403 3420 or (480) 670-4882 for a free consultation.