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Rio Verde AZ

Rio Verde offers an exceptional active adult lifestyle with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Located just 10 miles east of north Scottsdale, it provides a peaceful retreat away from city life while remaining close to all the attractions of the Phoenix Valley of the Sun.

Residents of Rio Verde can indulge in numerous activities within the community or explore the breathtaking McDowell Mountain Preserve and Tonto National Forest. The possibilities for fun and adventure are limitless.

This remarkable community features two world-class golf courses, a wide range of activities for everyone, and a vibrant and socially active population. In the early 1970s, the Box Bar Ranch was purchased by a group of Minnesota businessmen who envisioned turning it into a haven for golfers and nature enthusiasts seeking respite from the cold winters up north. Guided by founding partner and first Rio Verde president, Ray King, the vision for Rio Verde was brought to life:

“When I gathered the team that helped me develop Rio Verde, I made it clear that everyone must share my commitment to the community’s future. My message to them was simple: Rio Verde won’t be just another ‘get rich quick and leave’ development. First and foremost, we’ll plan Rio Verde as if it were our own home, designed for ourselves and our families. Secondly, we’ll execute those plans meticulously, regardless of the time, effort, or cost involved. And finally, we’ll make certain that Rio Verde remains the kind of community that initially attracted people to call it home. We’ve stayed true to these principles, and that’s why Rio Verde is known as ‘the Arizona you come to Arizona for.'”

As a community, Rio Verde has remained true to Ray King’s vision. It continually enhances amenities, invests in its golf courses, and strives to ensure a fulfilling quality of life for all its residents.